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Field Optical Eye Shields for Hunters, Sports Enthusiasts and Microscope Users
"I can't believe the difference."
"It should be illegal to sell binos without these."

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EYESHIELDS dramatically improve the performance of even the finest optics by blocking out ALL ambient light. Using EYESHIELDS with your optics is literally like turning the lights off to watch a movie...

They're simple, but they make a HUGE difference!

  • Patented universal design easily attaches to all binoculars and most spotting scopes, range finders, telescopes and even microscopes

  • Durable yet soft and flexible rubber comfortably conforms to the side of the face, enveloping the eyes in total darkness

  • EyeShields also block out wind, dust, rain, snow and peripheral distractions

  • When not needed, simply flip the EyeShields down into the stowed position, where they will not interfere with eyepiece covers, bino cases, etc.

Warranty Replacement

EyeShields are GUARANTEED for life.
For more warranty information see our
Policy page.
Binocular Eye Shield Use EyeShields extend along the sides of your face to block out glare, ambient light, wind, dust or other distractions.
Pliable Plastic Eye Shields on Hunting Scope To stow, simply flip EyeShields down and out of the way, where they will not interfere with eyepiece or optics covers.