Arca Swiss Picatinny Lever Clamp with Pan Axis
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Arca Swiss Picatinny Lever Clamp with Pan Axis


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The Arca Swiss F-Picatinny Lever Clamp is a break thru in modern weapons support technology. It's multi function mount system connects directly to an FBT-BT-Disk Bowl Disk with a tension control Pan Clamp collar. The interlocking face groove and an external collar clamp provide smooth pan rotation independent of the bowl disk and gives lateral shock absorption. Capable of mounting Arca Swiss or Picatinny rail systems directly without the need for a QR head plate. The Adjustable Intilegent Lever tension clamp allows for quick connect and release. The independent pan axis allows smooth panning without releasing the Precision Bowl Tensioner handle. The vertical tilt level assures your weapon or optic is perfectly upright for PRS & LR shooting. Precision gradient markings help create accurate panoramic images and vector headings. (not shown)
All CNC aircraft grade 6063-T6 aluminum construction.

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Incorporates new patent pending F-Picatinny interface. Designed to integrate with our Patent Pending Panning Clamp System.
Weapon Mount Options:            Both Arca Swiss & Picatinny

Independent Pan Rotation:        Yes

QR Plate Style:                         Arca Swiss 

Arca Swiss Reaction stops:        No

Adjustable lever tension:           Yes, with Intilegent Lever Clamp System

Head Interface:                           BT PANTM interface for connection to Precision Bowl Tensioner disk, and may also connect using                                                     1/2-13 x 3/8-16 reducer for fixed disk attachment or Ball Head connection.

Spirit Level:                                  Yes, rear view precision vertical level.

Weight:                                        4.6 oz

Dimensions:                                2.3” dia x 7/8” tall

Construction:                             6063-T6 AL alloy, hard anodize, CNC machined