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Three Must-Haves for Deer Hunting

Successful deer hunters know, there’s a lot more to getting a crack at a racked buck then just showing up one morning, gun in hand. It’s also helpful to know about available products like binocular and gun scope eyeshields that can make your hunting experience a little easier.

In order to be reach their goal, hunters prepare all year by studying the terrain where they plan to hunt and scouting out the deer behaviors and habits. This is the only way to know the best ambush sites and blinds when the season starts. It’s important to use the same kind of thoughtful preparation when considering other items to bring with you during the hunt.

Deer Lures and Deer Scents are popular products for deer hunters and have improved dramatically in the past few years. They take a bit of knowhow and experience to be used effectively, but those who have taken the time, find that these new products are highly effective for attracting bucks. There are several types of scents available including urine, pheromone, food and others. Each has its specific uses and benefits.

Tree Stands, especially those that are light weight, are good to have when hunting in a terrain that doesn’t work well for glassing, but is heavy with game. Taking the time to check out the territory in the off season will give you improved results when it’s time to set up your blind. Light weight stands are easy to move if your location seems dead, or they can be utilized before the season begins to observe the local deer and their habits.

EyeShields, a comfortable, rubber accessory that attaches to either side of a scope or a pair of binoculars is another important piece of equipment. Eyeshields reduce ghosting and wind flares, while preventing ambient light and weather elements from interfering with your view.

Whether you’re scouting out a snowy field for tracks that indicate a preferred deer travel route, or tracking a prime buck before the season begins, the better the quality of your vision, the more successful you will be. EyeShields can also increase your ability to see in shadowy or low light situations, which could make the difference between hitting the mark, or missing the opportunity.

If you want to have the best equipment available during the annual hunt, it's important to know that the finest quality EyeShields are made by Field Optical Research. The plastic used in this product is both durable and extremely flexible so as to fit snuggly around your eyes. When not in use, the eyeshields can be flipped down and out of the way.

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