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EyeShield Spotting Scope

The Spotting Scope EYESHIELD from Field Optics Research fits scopes with eyecup diameters from 1.45" to 2.10" inches. This is the same as our Binocular Standard size EyeShield. If you have an older style spotting scope, you may need the Compact Size EyeShield which fits 1.10" to 1.5" eyecup. Call us for this special order option.

The EYESHIELD is is a flexible molded rubber material that connects to the eye piece of the spotting scope. The EYESHIELD envelops eyes in darkness, preventing ambient light from causing lens glare. EYESHIELDS also block out wind, rain, snow, dust, and peripheral distractions. EYESHIELDS are a must-have for everyone who uses spotting scopes.

Patent No:  USD899547