PARD SA32x35LRF Thermal Rifle Scope - 850042449417
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PARD SA32x35LRF Thermal Rifle Scope

The SA32x35LRF Thermal Scope from PARD is a compact and lightweight infrared thermal imager for rifles. It features a ballistic calculator that can precisely determine a bullet's travel distance and then indicate an auxiliary crosshair on the side. This helps with accuracy over long distances. Included with the scope is a 25mm lens with 2.6x optical zoom, 2-8x digital zoom, and a 10.5 x 7.9° field of view. This scope also comes with a laser rangefinder that allows you to achieve accuracy at longer distances with quick target acquisition. The rangefinder has a measurement range of up to 3937'. The SA32 has a foldable lens cover, a focus lever, mute buttons, and a power/sleep button. Other features include picture-in-picture, a gyroscope, a compass, and more.


Key Features
12µm, ≤25mK Sensor
3937' Laser Rangefinder
1024 x 768 Video Recording
2592 x 1944 Photo Capture
Built-In Wi-Fi
3 x Scene Modes
Multiple Color Palettes
6 Reticle Options with 4 Colors
6000J Recoil Resistance
IP67 Waterproof

Highly Sensitive Thermal Image Sensor
The 12µm, NETD ≤25mK sensor allows you to experience precision detail recognition during the roughest weather conditions when thermal contrast is low. The cutting-edge sensor is designed with advanced technology to deliver organic and rich imaging. Highly sensitive, it's capable of detecting subtle differences in temperature. The 50 Hz frame rate of the sensor ensures strong dynamic capture ability. With no picture smearing delay, the sensor delivers vivid images of consistent sharpness and higher clarity.
Infrared Image Enhancement Algorithm (IREA)
The SA32 uses proprietary software, superior electronic components, and signal-processing algorithms to deliver high values of sensitivity in the infrared spectrum (nighttime sensitivity). The scope is engineered to provide exceptional detection and recognition of targets, stronger high-speed processing capability, and correction of image distortion.
Self-Activated Recording
When you turn on the self-activated recording feature, the scope will automatically record in 20-second intervals (to an optional microSD card) when it senses recoil from the shot.
Shutter Correction
The shutter correction function provides advanced responses to changes in ambient temperature. It automatically updates the offset correction coefficients and adjusts image quality according to specified requirements. This results in a more static image and ensures sharp clarity, boosting detector accuracy.
Video Recording + Playback
Capture photos and record videos while out in the field. The SA32 supports up to a 128GB memory card and features a 1024 x 768 OLED display for playback. Images are smoother and have more detail. You can take photos and videos, anytime and anywhere. The device can support up to 128GB external storage, so you don't have to worry about running out of storage space. Capture thrilling moments on your hunting trip and share high-resolution images of your outdoor adventures on social media.
Built-In Wi-Fi
Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop as an external viewfinder. This allows you to see your photos and videos on a larger screen, as well as transfer images wirelessly. (iOS users can download the Roadcam app to connect to Wi-Fi, and Android users can install the OKCAM app.)
3 Scene Modes
The scope features a quick switch function for choosing between three scene modes: city, forest, and rain. The image will be adjusted according to the selected scene mode, allowing you to adapt to different environments.
Multiple Color Palettes
Choose from multiple color palettes to highlight a target according to different environmental backgrounds. Select white hot, black hot, red hot, iron hot, edge, and sky mode.
6 Reticle Options
Six reticle options are available for better aiming visibility, and you can choose up four different colors.
Recoil Resistance
The SA32 achieves a recoil resistance of 6000J. It's recoil-proof and suitable to withstand the recoil of high caliber rifles.
IP67 Waterproof
The SA32 thermal scope is rated IP67 waterproof for optimal performance in harsh conditions such as wet and snowy weather.
A 100-lumen flashlight is integrated into the scope and can be used to illuminate and locate various targets even in dark conditions.


PARD SA32X35LRF Specs  
Sensor Size 384 x 288
Display 1024 x 768 OLED
Refresh Rate 50 Hz
Pixel Size 12 µm
Thermal Sensitivity  
Detection Range Detection: 3608.9' / 1100 m
Built-In Mic No
Objective Lens Diameter 25 mm
Angle of View 10.5 x 7.9°
Eye Relief 30 mm
Number of Reticle Patterns 6
Storage Up to 128 GB via microSD
Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth None
Power & Environmental
Battery 18650 Lithium-Ion (Approx. 5 Hours)
Operating Temperature -20 to 140°F / -28 to 60°C
Mounting None
Water Resistance Waterproof, IP67
Weight 0.9 lb / 425.0 g