High Angle Bracket - HAB-270 - 675283925120
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High Angle Bracket - HAB-270

The HAB-270 High Angle BRKT, is an Arca-to-Arca lever-lock high-angle pitch compensator & tripod camera inverter.
The patent pending design allows the HAB-270 to attach to any tripod head or monopod to add an additional 270 deg of pitch.

With a 3" Arca base rail built directly into the lower frame, the HAB can instantly attach directly to any Arc tripod head or by using the 3/8-16 thread socket on the bottom frame. Using the included 3/8-16x1/4-20 reducer allows connection of any style QR plate to adapt to fit any brand head. And for Monopods, you can attach directly to the monopod leg and eliminate the need for an extra head. Using an HAB on a monopod leg is far superior for keeping your rifle or camera vertical because there is not way for it to tip over sideways. It only allows pitch movement. Pitch movement can be forward or reverse.