Ranger 32DT-MIL ASFPL DomeTop Tripod System - 675283924604
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Ranger 32DT-MIL ASFPL DomeTop Tripod System

Includes the TitanLOK II™ Leg Angle Lock System with Arca Swiss Twist-Panning Lever Clamp Head, 32mm legs, rubber over spike feet, 61.5" tall, 4.4 lbs., 3.6" pack diameter, about 30" fold length. Carbon Fiber. MADE IN USA

The design is similar to a Bowl Top style tripod but with a DomeTOP, the tension handle is above the tripod frame rather than below the frame in-between the legs. This provides greater access to the tension handle and far superior ergonomic control, especially in a dynamic-moving target situation.

Weight                         4.4 lbs
Max Height                   61"
Min Working Height       5.5"
Pitch Range                  +/- 30 deg            
Folded length               30"
Leg Segments              3, twist lock
Load Capacity              135 lbs
Leg Dia                       32mm, 26mm, 23mm
Leg Angle positions      25, 55, 85, 105 deg
Detachable Legs           3