ProMAX Ultra FVH-320 Tripod System - 675283924444
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ProMAX Ultra FVH-320 Tripod System

The ProMAX Ultra FVH-320 Tripod System bundle is the perfect tripod system for outdoor sport optics, photography and video production. Ideal for spotting scopes, and digiscoping with your DSLR or cell phone. It is extremely stable and light weight which makes it perfect for packing deep into the outdoors. It is made with very sturdy 32mm dia. carbon fiber legs and our newest super stable FVH-320 video head with spring counter-balance assist for smoother motion and heavy payloads. The ProMAX Ultra tripod is 2X stronger than your average size tripod but still extremely light weight at only 4.1 lbs. Its unique reversible single-handed leg locks are ideal for rapid deployment.  It is designed specifically for its strength-to-weight ratio & stability as an optics platform used for high power spotting scopes, long lens photography, Digiscoping, video production, binocular viewing as well as a fantastic weapons support shooting platform.

And because two of the legs are removeable, they easily convert to ultra strong trekking poles or shooting sticks.

Extending to 72" tall makes it very versatile for uneven ground and hillside use. With three adjustable leg angles and a minimum height of 7.9" from the ground, it's perfect for ground observation and macro photography.

The bundle includes the NEW!!! FVH-320 Video Head, and comes with a standard 80mm Arca Swiss QR Plate. Has both left & right hand handle positions with a comfortably long 9" control handle for more precise control.  


Weight:                5.5 lbs
Folded Length       23.23"
Load Capacity:      77.0 lbs
Max Height:          71.6"
Min Height:           8.2
Leg Segment:       3
Detachable legs:   2
Tube Dia:             32mm
Warranty:            3/6 yrs