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Field Optics Research Testing and Evaluation Policy and Procedures for Law Enforcement/Military.
Field Optics Research is dedicated to the support and assistance of law enforcement and military personnel. As such, we readily provide requested evaluation (T&E) products at no charge for a period of two weeks under the following conditions:

1. Requestor shall affirm that they represent an LE or MIL organization and that the T&E products requested are intended for department/service use.

2. Requestor shall supply a credit card to pay for shipping fees and to be held in reserve if item(s) are not returned within one week following the trial period. Should the product(s) not be returned on time, the supplied credit card will be charged for the full retail value of the unreturned items.

3. All returned items should be in working condition and show no more wear and tear than would be expected during a T&E evaluation.  

4. Requesting agency will assume the expenses for shipping and handling TO and FROM the requestor. The agency/service own shipping account (UPS, DHL) may be used to pay shipping fees or we can use the supplied CC for the exact shipping charges.

5. If the requesting agency decides to keep any of the T&E product(s), they may be purchased at 15% below LE/MIL price.  Simply notify your FORI representative of your intentions for returning the products or purchasing them.

6.  Your feedback is required. We strive to improve our products and services and would greatly appreciate all feedback regarding the quality, function, and reliability of our products. We ask that you complete our T&E Evaluation Report at the end or your evaluation process.
7. Unfortunately we do not offer T&E samples for any Thermal or Night Vision products.

T & E

Please, After "Submit" get in contact with Trina Ward (409) 673-3392 Trina@ fieldopticsresearch.com to process your credit card information.