Top Ten Reasons Bird Enthusiasts Love Binocular EyeShields
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Top Ten Reasons Why Bird Enthusiasts Love EyeShields

  1. You can see the colors and designs of their wings and bodies better because the eyeshields protect your eyes from glare. Bird Watching is More Enjoyable with Binoculars and Eyeshields
  2. Natural and comfortable fit - you can focus on what birds are doing and which bird you are watching rather than getting your binoculars or scope to be more comfortable.
  3. Significant day-to-night improvement in clarity—cuts down on ghosting and wind flares so you can watch the early birds that catch worms at dawn, the birds that feed their young at lunch, and the birds that like to soar at dusk.
  4. Most EyeShields are inflexible. Ours are crafted from durable, malleable molded rubber so they’re fast and easy to take on and off. When you are walking to a new site or putting your binoculars away for the day,   just flip down and stow!
  5. They let you focus on the beauty of nature instead of the wind and dust blowing into your eyes.
  6. While we know bird enthusiasts are very protective of their binoculars, also know it can be difficult to keep small items from getting damaged or lost. That is why we have a lifetime guarantee against damage or loss.
  7. Surrounds the eye sockets in total darkness, improving direct line of sight and peripheral vision so you can get a clear view of where your bird is flying, eating, or exploring.
  8. If you loved bird watching before, you’ll love it even more now—EyeShields enhance and extend your overall viewing experience—no more headaches!
  9.  A universal accessory that fits most binocular manufacturer’s models-- Turns your good binoculars into GREAT binoculars!
  10. EyeShields are affordable and you can conveniently order online—we ship worldwide!