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Top Ten Reasons Why Hunters Love EyeShields

  1. We have proof that they’re “Amazing”—Listen to what the hunters who've used them have to say in our video!Eye Shields Used For Hunting
  2. Natural and comfortable fit - you can focus on tracking game rather than getting your binoculars or scope to be more comfortable.
  3. Significant day-to-night improvement in clarity—cuts down on ghosting and wind flares so you can hunt early in the morning, in the middle of the day, and into dusk.
  4. EyeShields are crafted from durable yet malleable molded rubber so they’re fast and easy to take on and off. When you aren't using them for your hunt, just flip down and stow!
  5. They let you focus on the big game instead of the wind and dust blowing into your eyes.
  6. Lifetime guarantee against damage or loss. While we know hunters take care of their rifles, scopes, and everything else they use to get the game they seek, we also know it can be difficult to keep small items from getting damaged or lost.
  7. Surrounds eye sockets in total darkness, improving direct line of sight so you can get a clear view of where you should be aiming.
  8. If you loved hunting before, you’ll love it even more now—EyeShields enhance and extend your overall viewing experience—no more headaches!
  9.  A universal accessory that fits most binocular manufacturer’s models--turns good binoculars into GREAT binoculars!
  10. They’re affordable and you can conveniently order online—we ship worldwide!